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As you think about your group meetings this fall, what fellowship ideas have you thought about? Groups provide an excellent opportunity for a small group of individuals to enjoy a time of fun together in a setting outside of what we might normally consider “group time.” The relationships that already exist among group members only serve to help make that time of fellowship even more enjoyable.

Times of fellowship can also be used to serve others: individuals in the group, other members of the congregation, or even neighbors or people we do not know. Again, the pre-existing relationship people have with one another within a group helps set up a great base from which to serve others.

Josh Hunt wrote an article recently entitled “52 Ideas for Fellowship in You Small Group.”  (You can find it here on churchleaders.com.) Check out the various ideas he has and think about which ones would work well in your own group?

Ones that seemed particularly applicable to me were:

#3 – Go to a baseball game.
This could be especially beneficial if the game you went to (baseball, football, basketball, etc.) was the game of one of the young people in your group.

#29 – Have a theme party and dress accordingly.
OK, I admit we have never done this, per say, but we have done food themes and dressed to match the theme. It may sound silly, but it is really a lot of fun.

#36 – Have an international dinner with a missionary.
What a great way to open the door for stories about different cultures.

#41 – Serve as counselors or sponsors at a youth activity.
Our vacation this past year was spent at summer camp with several other families from our group.

#58 – Go on a prayer walk.
A group prayer walk is a great way to see your neighborhood and be reminded of the needs that exist right around you.

So what stood out on the list to you?

And what would you add?


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