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Yesterday, I reflected on one of our high school students baptizing a young man who had been in his cabin at summer camp. This, I thought, is what being in the lives of younger and older people looks like. This is what I hope happens in our small group ministry as we transition to groups made up of older and younger people ministering to and with one another.

It did not take long for that hope to be realized. Sunday I also got to witness my son Luke preach his first “sermon.” (It was about 3 minutes long, so sermonette may be a better description!) He was poised and calm. He did not seem at all nervous or uptight. I thought he did a great job and plenty of people told him the same. He was thankful, but never mentioned those comments to me.

This evening, after having to work late, the family came to my work to get me so we could head out to supper. I met the kids on the sidewalk as they were headed into my building. Here were the very first words Luke said to me:

“Dad, guess what happened today,” obviously excited and wanting to ensure I recognized the importance of this unknown event.

“What happened?”

“I got a phone call. Guess who it was that called me.”

School starts in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking along the lines of his new teacher or perhaps one of his classmates sharing some good news about the upcoming year. Luke also helps as a water boy for his high school’s football team and practices started today. He was there, so maybe a coach was following up with him about practice.

“I don’t know, who?” I replied.

“Caleb. He just called to tell me I had done a great job on my sermon. Isn’t that cool?!”

He was beaming. The fact that a high school student in our small group took the time to call him was the most important thing that happened today.

More important than his grandparents being in town.

More important than his cousin being in town.

More important that getting to help with football practice on the first day of two-a-days.

More important than a new coach thinking he was one of the players who had yet to suit up for practice.

Most important for him was that a high-school student from our small group took the time to call and say “Good job.”

Who is a person in your group – or even someone outside your group – that it would mean the world to if you would call and encourage? Why don’t you go ahead and give them a call. It’s time well spent. I promise you!

And Caleb – thanks for the call. It not only meant a lot to him, but also meant a lot to his mom and dad! You are doing a great job being a good Christian example to these young people. Keep it up!



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This morning at worship, an elementary age boy was baptized. It was special for my wife and I personally because he was in the group we taught at camp this year. I have no idea what influence we had on him – we did not have any specific conversations about his decision, I do know that – but it is still nice to feel like one of “yours” is making this commitment.

As nice as that may have been, it was even more special watching his counselor from camp baptize him. I KNOW he had an influence on the life of this boy. I know the counselor and he lives his life in such a way as to bring glory to God. I have watched him around other young people (not just this boy, but other children as well) and it is obvious to me he takes serious his responsibility of encouraging others to follow Jesus – especially those younger than him. So to see him be the one to baptize his camper: Wow!

As we make a transition to 1 Groups and as our small groups intentionally seek out relationships with older and younger individuals, I pray that our groups will be filled with people like this counselor: people who are willing to take the time and make the effort to help others grow into better disciples.


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