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Michael Mack, over at Small Group Leadership, recently posted a blog about things to do this summer with your small group. I would recommend checking it out here.

As I look at Michael’s list, commitment seems to be the most important item. Anyone can say they want to get together—it takes commitment to actually follow through and do it. What is preventing you from planning something—and then following through with actually doing it?

Take a look at his list. Is there anything your group might do this summer off that list? What other things would you add as a helpful way to keep your group in regular contact?


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For those of you who were a part of South Plains’ Wednesday night series on spiritual disciplines (or if you were unable to be a part), I have included a new page with some suggested resources. These will help you continue your journey into practices that help us be transformed into His image.

You can find the list by clicking on the tab above which says “Bibliography” or by going directly here.

One question, though: What would you add to this list?

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